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At Renkube, we have invented a new technology called Motion Free Optical Tracking that can increase the efficiency of solar PV panels by 20% - the same increase as a tracker but without the operational overheads since there are no moving parts. These panels would directly contribute to lowering the carbon footprint.









Existing fixed-tilt panels generate peak power only at noon. During the rest of the day, the panel is underutilized - at 9am your solar panel could be generating only 50% power. Thus panels are not operating at their maximum potential for the full day as seen in the bell curve graph below.








Renkube solves this problem with MFOT - by increasing redirection of light at the times the panel is not performing at it's peak, the efficiency of the panel during the early morning/late evening times is increased. Prisms are attached along the panel to achieve this redirection














High Efficiency

Achieving a "squareish" curve over the course of a day can give a whopping 20% increase in efficiency over the course of the year.

No Maintenance

Unlike trackers that use motors to track the sun, Renkube panels have no moving parts - the prisms are locked in place. No extra cleaning or maintenance is required for Renkube panels.

Best Value

With 20% increase in efficiency and minimum capital cost increase, the cost per unit significantly comes down. While trackers also solve the problem by making up for the deficit in non-peak hours, their higher capital, maintenance and installation costs make Renkube panels a far more attractive solution.


MFOT can work with any current or future advancements like PERC, Bifacial and cell technologies to give a 20% improvement over the existing output. Since MFOT relies on glass prisms, absolutely no change in solar cells is required.


MFOT prisms have been designed and optimized to illuminate all cells of a panel uniformly and to never cross the one-sun limit. Absence of hotspots and lack of moving parts ensures the panel's lifetime is guaranteed to be the same as that of a fixed tilt panel - 25 years.

Go Green!

Solar panels reduce carbon emission but with a Renkube panel, the world only gets greener. Using MFOT technology translates to planting 24 million trees for every Gigawatt plant! This would go a long way towards contributing to a sustainable future.


Fixed Tilt Panel

Renkube Panel Improvement

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